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System Division

Sage Evolution ERP System

ERP (Municipal) Financial Management System Sale, Implementation, Training & Support

Implementation of Municipal ERP’s (Integrated Financial Management System) Including training (FASSET NQF Level 6 Accredited Training) for the following Modules:

Core Modules:

The General Ledger is the heart of the financial function of your company. All processing you do eventually reflects in the General Ledger. No tedious month or year-ends, the system is date-driven, allowing you to post transactions to any period at any time providing peace of mind and flexibility. The General Ledger stores UNLIMITED years of data. Accounting periods can, however, be “blocked”, preventing transaction processing to those periods, which have been “closed”.

Sage Evolution allows for the Segmentation of the General Ledger into UNLIMITED separate segments. Account segments can be used to create a reporting hierarchy. Reporting is considerably simplified while retaining the level of detail you require.

With unlimited departments, your business can grow with the security of knowing Sage Evolution is scalable, flexible and robust.

The General Ledger Chart of Accounts is set to conform with Treasury Codes for Reporting as well as GRAP and GRAP Requirements.

The Ledger is customized in to the following segments:

Segment Example Description
Project PCXXX Roads
Item IAXXX Property, plant and equipment
Function FXXXX Roads
Funding FDXXX Transfers and subsidies – MIG
Costing CXXX Default
Regional Identifier RXXXX KZN225 Ward 2
MSC MSXXXX Technical services
This enables the organization to run reports at Project level as well as at Item Level. The system allows for unlimited Levels of Consolidation meaning that basic Salaries could further be broken down if there is a need.

The Ledger Account for basic Salaries in the office of the Director General is then classified as PC/IA/FX/FD/CX/RX/MSX. The unlimited general ledger segments makes SAGE Evolution fully customizable with any number of reporting segments.
To cater for the move by many businesses to increase staff productivity and become more efficient, the Information Alerts module is designed to streamline key roles within the business. The module allows you to receive notifications based on a set of predefined criteria and take on a more proactive stance in dealing with exceptions in the business. Information Alerts can be configured to send out notifications to relevant users via e-mail or Resolve (CRM) incidents. These notifications can be setup to notify you on time based intervals, daily, weekly or monthly. It comes with a set of predefined methods, which the business can utilise to define which criteria they would like to be aware of for example a client reaching their credit limit.
Confidential accounting data, as well as controlling access to information is vital to any business. Sage Evolution enables you to configure multi-level, menu-driven passwords and securities per individual user at multiple levels. You can also establish “user groups”, allowing the quick addition of new users into the system, with security access rules defined at the user group level.
Once you assign a user to the group, the user takes on the access rules of that group.
Evolution’s powerful Inventory gives you unlimited control over your stock. The system provides both summary management reports as well as detailed operational reports.

Evolutions’ power can be extended by combining the Inventory module with other related add-on modules:
  • With Multi-Warehousing, you can create multiple warehouses or stores, and move items between these stores.
  • These transactions will have an accounting entry thereby affecting the General Ledger directly.
  • Serial Number Tracking tracks individual inventory items and keeps track of them by their history. The system follows their purchase, internal movement in the company, sale and possible return for repair or refund.
  • Lot Tracking allows companies to track “lots” of items of stock, especially pertinent to the pharmaceutical industry or any industry where expiry dates need to be tracked.
  • Multi Level Bill of Materials allows you to manufacture or assemble items from components. The system takes the component materials out of stock and creates finished items ready for you to sell.
  • Manufacturing is an extension of the Bill of Materials module. This functionality will allow for the more complex manufacturing processes.
  • All of these add-on modules work together. For example, you can manufacture serial number and lot items into warehouses.
A seamless integration with MS Office means that you can e-mail any report, in any format (HTML, XML, PDF etc). Data can also be exported to Word or Excel where you can perform your own complex data manipulations. This feature greatly complements Sage’s extensive range of management reports, available at the touch of a button. The Resolve Module also integrates its e-mail management to Microsoft Outlook.
When you import goods, there are frequently additional costs that do not originate from the supplier. For example, you may be liable for shipping costs and/or import duties. This feature allows you to process these additional costs at the same time as the goods received voucher. The system will then calculate the cost of the items correctly. This feature avoids the inconvenience of having to process these additional costs later and then adjusting your costs manually.
One has ability to view Graphs from different modules and transactions over a certain period. For example you can make a comparison between sales and purchases in the Orders module.
Maintain and control outstanding orders, processed orders and back orders. This module is fully integrated into Evolutions’ Inventory, Receivables, Payables and General Ledger modules.
  • Print and process purchase and sales orders, and then fill these orders in part or in whole, keeping track of outstanding orders.
  • Reserve stock quantities for customers when they place an order.
  • Print picking slips and delivery notes.
  • Capture purchase orders in the supplier’s currency and the system converts the values into your currency at the exchange rate you specify.
  • Create purchase orders automatically using the re-order fields on the inventory records.
  • Create quotes and convert into sales orders once confirmed.
  • Powerful reports help you manage outstanding and overdue orders.
Module which allows you to customise standard reports and stationery layouts per user. It integrates into every module in Sage Evolution ERP.
This module allows you to “tag” transactions (either income or expense) to particular projects. Reports can then be filtered showing those items specifically related to the project you want to control, extending so far as to reflect a profit or loss report by project.

Add On Modules:

Integrating to both Receivables and Inventory, this module provides for repetitive or recurring invoices on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Specify contract periods, design recurring invoice templates or simply setup base amounts to be charged to customers periodically. Annuity Billing is another flexible module that provides you with the ability to customize the application to fit the specific requirements of your business.
The internet has fast become a necessary extension to the traditional manner in which business is conducted. Evolution’s E-Business module enables you to quickly and easily open an online web store.
Set up seamless integration between your online store and Sage, for example you can draw product and price information for the online store and orders can be automatically downloaded into Sage and processed.

Fully integrated with Sage Evolution, E-Business provides:

  • Full E-Business integration and seamlessly draw customer, product, pricing information from Evolution directly into your website enabling you to merchandise and sell products online.
  • Full order integration and orders automatically flow back from your E-Business web store into Sage Evolution.
  • Offline set-up; no IT knowledge required.
The Bank Statement Manager for Sage Evolution is considered to be one of the most powerful and reliable tools for processing large volumes of transactions within the cashbook.
This module allows for the cashbook to be electronically populated when a bank statement is imported where large volumes of transactions are processed. Once verified, the information can be updated to a cashbook batch and then to the general ledger.

The bank statements are acquired by using a download facility that’s provided by each of the four major banks in South Africa (ABSA, First National Bank, Standard Bank and Nedbank). Supported formats include OFC, CSV and ASCII.

The advantages of using this module include the instantaneous processing and coding of accounts once the initial process of assigning recurring coding has taken place, the process of reconciliation and account coding is virtually guaranteed. Another benefit exists for transactions where the codes have been assigned as per the relevant accounts, codes need not be assigned a second time – only new transactions have to be coded in the months to follow.

Job Costing Module is designed to allocate labour costs to Projects, different departments etc.
Sage Evolution delivers an entirely new dimension in business management software that brings all aspects of your operating environment together, providing an integrated, holistic view of your business. The Municipal Billing enables municipalities to improve the accuracy and timeliness of billing and, therefore, substantially improve revenues collection and consumer relationships.
And, because the system has been designed to be extremely flexible, it will easily adapt itself to the dynamic changes taking place in the public sector as transformation starts to take effect and makes continuous improvement of service delivery possible.

Sage Evolution business intelligence module allows for accurate record-keeping as well as sophisticated analysis and reporting of municipal activities at the touch of a button, the Municipal Billing System enables a high order of municipal transparency and accountability. “It’s an exceptional tool, all-rounder for creating efficiency and streamlining internal processes by bringing municipalities into the modern era.”
The VIP Premier total solution provides a sophisticated yet uncomplicated solution for businesses in the Medium, Large and Enterprise market, offering advanced integrated functionality of HR and Payroll applications.
The main design of the application centres around the real time input facility. This means that all input done is updated immediately, allowing the users to view the impact of changes straight away. In addition, it empowers the client to do "what if" scenarios and print test payslips. Its key features are:

The real time design makes the software easy to use and enables faster processing.
  • The system allows for employee photos and document attachments.
  • Advanced leave functionality within the BCEA framework.
  • Advanced access control and audit reports.
  • Electronic, SMS and Mobi payslips.
  • The system caters for African tax countries.
  • Analytical history reports.
  • Fixed and Financial flexi imports and exports.
  • Net up calculation.

  • On screen payslip display and input screen
    • Online payslip screen displays all earnings, deductions and company contributions per employee.
    • Online variance compares current pay period.

  • Employee Information
    • Mandatory fields are colour coded when adding a new employee.
    • Recorded Statutory Information.
    • Help functions are available for easy table look up.
    • Choose payment facility e.g cash, cheque electronic payment.
    • Link employees to Departments, pay points, Projects, Sites, Cost centres etc for costing purposes.
    • Add a photo to the Employee Record.
    • Record Benefit details for company benefits such as medical aid, provident fund and pension fund.

  • Interfaces and integration
    • Banking interface links are created to submit net salaries electronically to staff bank accounts.
    • General Ledger integration allows the company to allocate salary costs according to general ledger account codes and cost centres.
    • Electronic upload of hours worked minimize time consuming data capturing.
    • VIP Payroll can interface with any time and attendance system.
    • Add photos and attachments to employee records.

  • Leave Management Module
    Designed to enable users to efficiently manage leave administration within the framework of the BCEA and o enforce company specific leave policies.

    • Define your company leave policy in conjunction with your payroll.
    • Useful reporting on leave transactions.
    • View leave details and leave reasons per employee.
    • Leave balances shown on the employees pay slip screen.
    • Sick leave Certificates can be uploaded as attachments.
    • Electronic upload from workflow approved leave transactions from Employee Self Service.

  • Personnel Management Module
    This fully integrates with Premier Payroll and ensures that the human resources manager has immediate, powerful access to accurate employee information.

    • Print customized HR Reports, combining payroll and personnel history information.
    • The VIP advisor provides guideline information on various agreements, contracts and procedures that are required in terms of South African Legislation.
    • Functions include disciplinary actions, medical information, training, qualifications and more.
    • Transactions can be extracted and viewed in Microsoft Excel.

  • General Ledger Module - Balancing a salary ledger is one of the most time consuming tasks of a payroll office. The VIP General Ledger interface will save you time and also allow you to allocate salary costs according to general ledger account codes and cost centres.
  • Job Costing Module is designed to allocate labour costs to Projects, different departments etc.
  • Employment Equity Module provides fundamental guidelines relating to all aspects of Employment Equity required in terms of the latest South African Legislation. This module provides step by step procedures for the successful implementation of all the components of Employment Equity in your company, the development of Numerical goals and targets as well as the printing of all statutory Equity Reports. (EEA2 and EEA4) as required by the Department of Labour.

  • Skills Development Module - The VIP skills module fully integrates with all other modules and assists companies in managing their skills development in a practical manner.

    • Capture employees individual training planned and actual.
    • Generate workplace skills plan automatically and training reports.
    • SETA specific reports automatically.
    • Statutory skills reports.

  • Intelligence reporting empowers users to quickly and easily obtain information required for improved reporting.
  • Employee Self Service is designed to make your leave processes as effortless as possible by empowering staff to maintain their personal details, apply for leave online and view payslips and IRP 5’s in a paperless environment.
  • VIP Infoslips are electronic payslips that not only mirror the VIP Paper payslip but offers employees interactive compensation statements.
Integrating with Receivables, this module allows for the separate invoicing of branches, but with the added functionality of printing one customer statement at a consolidated head-office level. This is particularly useful when you wish to keep track of a “group customer with head office” situation where you need to capture sales made to the individual branches, but then present a consolidated statement to your customer’s head office.
This module integrates with Inventory as well as Receivables, perfectly addressing the practical issues within the retail or Point-of-Sale environment. Functionality includes security parameters, tender types (cash, voucher, credit card or cheque), flexible pricing and discounting. This module supports peripheral devices such as pole customer display units, cash drawers, slip printers and a bar code scanner. Evolution Point-of-Sale is user friendly and offers flexibility by allowing for per till configuration and has powerful reporting features.
The Procurement module is a three tiered process that allows you to precisely manage the many purchase orders and keep control of purchases either for internal purposes or specific projects. The first tier is the requisition process where you can request the purchase of an item or consumable which can be routed to a head of department for authorization. The second tier allows for the purchase order to be generated and based on configurable rules, different levels of authorizations can be setup and can be administered. The procurement process also validates all purchases against budgets setup in the general ledger. The third and final tier allows the purchase order to be converted into a goods received voucher to receipt the inventory items. Throughout the span of a requisition to PO completion, all movements or comments are logged against incidents in Resolve Premium.
Workflows and Escalation rules can be configured to create efficiencies and automate processes ensuring that purchases orders are processed on time.
View detailed customer statements, with a drill down into source transactions over the Internet. The benefits include:

  • Get paid faster.
  • Customer self-service.
  • Customer account access 24/7/365.
  • Uniform electronic remittance advice.
  • Mobile sales representatives with up-to-date information.
  • Detailed account research.
There are two versions of Evolution Resolve:

  • Evolution Resolve Basic which contains basic incident tracking.
  • The full version, Evolution Resolve Premium, containing more advanced features.

Evolution Resolve Basic

Traditionally termed “CRM” or “Contact Management”, this unique module is the core feature of Evolution. Evolution has taken the concept of traditional Contact Management much further by weaving it into the very fabric of the Evolution Accounting System.
Resolve is a tool that lets you manage the interaction between your business and your customers, potential customers, suppliers, inventory and even your fellow company members.
Any issue that takes place in a business, and is important enough to be tracked, is recorded as an Incident. Resolve will track these incidents to their conclusion – or until they are closed off. Evolution still stores incidents even after they have been closed, allowing you to track a history of events as they occurred, as far back as you wish.

Therefore you can track all contact with your customers and suppliers, having access to information about the history of their Incidents as well as monitoring any other pending activities within your business. Using this information, you can track all the sales and support activities associated with a customer who initiated these activities and the agent or agent group who dealt with the customer.

Evolution Resolve Premium

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation allows Sales Managers to track sales pipeline on individual sales people. Sales force automation also makes use of the working calendar in Resolve, every interaction with client can be created as an incident and these can be used in the sales process.
SFA gives companies the ability to track closure rates and time taken to close deals.

Business Gateway

The Business Gateway extends Evolution Resolve onto the Internet and allows customers to logon to the system. Customers create, view, update incidents, and so on. Customers do not need to contact a call centre and wait in queues for an agent.
Internet queries are notorious for not being dealt with or acknowledged. However, the Business Gateway sends each query into Evolution Resolve individually, where it is tracked and escalated.
The Business Gateway requires Microsoft™ IIS and Windows 2000 Server or later.


One of the most compelling reasons to use Contact Management is its ability to ensure that incidents are dealt with in acceptable timeframes. Taking too long to respond to a customer complaint (or incident) could be damaging to your company. Escalations allow you to design a flow of responsibility for various incident types that is automatically triggered after a specified time.


The calendar organizes your company time management. Incidents can be prioritized by date. The calendar also allows you to integrate incident priorities with employees’ availability.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base lets employees create topics. In these topics, they can share information about support, sales, or any other issues. In addition, employees can link documents from the document list into knowledge base articles.
The articles can also be linked to incidents and, if you e-mail incidents, you can optionally include the knowledge base articles in the e-mail, either in the text or as an attachment.

Incident Graphs

View incidents graphically (bar charts) per user, per incident type, per incident status and so on. Graphical representations of incident information give a birds-eye view of your business activities – perfect for management. You can even drill-down by clicking on a particular area of the chart to see the underlying detail making up the chart. Resolve can be purchased as a stand-alone product.

Evolution Fixed Assets (Fully GRAP 17, 16,100,102 Compliant)

With features like an unlimited number of assets and multiple forms of depreciation, Evolution Fixed Assets helps you to control your fixed assets easily, affordably and reliably. The different methods of depreciation include straight line, reducing balance, immediate write off, units of usage, plant & machinery and equal allowance.

Other key features include:

  • Track unlimited number of Fixed Assets by cost centers or departments
  • Multiple Asset Types
  • Capex Budgets and Orders
  • Capture Actual Picture of the Asset
  • User Defined Fields on the Asset
Sage Evolution Fixed Assets can be used fully integrated into the Evolution system or can be purchased as a stand-alone product.
BIC is an add-on module that dynamically links to your Sage accounting data, taking your business beyond standard reporting functionality. You generate spreadsheets by simply extracting Sage Accounting data and converting it into an easy-to-read, graphic format.

Sage’s BIC retains report formats and makes them available for future use. You also have instant access to ‘live’ information and that last minute journal no longer impacts your Excel reporting. Monthly financials account for a large percentage of manual Excel labor. Sage’s BIC offers a customisable pack which provides drill down functionality. You can customize the standard set of reports and templates, and create new ones. You can be flexible in the combinations of financial data you choose to report on. BIC can be shipped with Management Packs and a Treasury Reporting Pack (Statement of Financial Performance, Statement of Financial Position, and Cashflow Statement), Billing & Sales Master (Sales Reports), Inventory, Purchasing options, and more can be customized.
This module is an extension of the existing BIC module. It provides worldwide secure access to your businesses reports through a standard web browser. This is an excellent platform to share information with partners, suppliers and customers. All you need is internet access from a web browser and then you need to authenticate yourself and the reports will be made available to you. You will have access to critical information about your business from anywhere in the world at any time you choose. Online Web Reporting supports secure access so you receive your reports in a variety of formats across the web for example. Microsoft® Excel, PDF or HTML.
OLAP stands for Online Analytical Processing and supports multi-dimensional analysis of information. It is a process of extracting high volumes of information from a data source and compressing it into a format that is optimized for multi-dimensional analysis. OLAP takes BI reporting to the next step by answering ‘what if’ and ‘why’ questions. This module allows you to make decisions about the future actions within your business and is an extension to BIC. OLAP reports are invaluable in identifying trends in large volumes of data. Predefined financial, sales and inventory cubes make valuable information available at your fingertips.

Asset Management

Fixed Asset modules and service manager modules allow for automatic update for fixed asset register. Creates and posts transactions for disposals, impairment, depreciation, transfers, write downs and write-offs. Depreciation calculations in the system take into consideration: review of useful lifes, review of residual values, asset components. Attachment of documents, images, asset reconciliations, physical verification including scanning. Capex budgeting, work in progress management, asset maintenance plans and insurance.

Municipal Planning and Budget Module

Municipal Planning and Budget Module allows municipalities to capture their integrated development plan.

Municipal Billing

The Municipal Billing Module is fully integrated and posts transactions Real Time online. The Module caters for:
  • Property Rates Billing
  • Services including electricity, water, refuse and sanitation, rentals etc.
  • Prepaid Billing

Supply Chain Management

Sage Evolution Advanced procurement module catering for supplier database, rotation of suppliers, requests for quotations and tenders, evaluations of quotations and tenders, awarding of suppliers, workflows for approvals, request for quotations, evaluations, approvals and scoring of tender documents.


A solution that automatically produces a full set of up-to-date GRAP and IFRS compliant financial statements, National Treasury Returns and Budget Formats, and Management Reporting for Municipalities and Public Entities.


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  • For greater insight into your business, real-time decision making based on real-time information, and profitable growth.
  • Solve your specific ERP for small business needs. (link)
  • Prepaid Billing